1. TerraClean decarbonisation

    TerraClean decarbonisation


    A TerraClean de-carbonisation service can increase MPG (up to 15 percent), reduce emissions, extend component life and provide an immediate noticeable improvement in vehicle performance.

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  2. TerraClean DFP cleaning tool

    TerraClean DPF cleaning


    A thorough cleaning of the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) circuit can eliminate the the need for tear down and replacement of DPF (diesel particulate filter)

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  3. a mini and vw getting a terraclean induction clean

    TerraClean fuel system cleaner


    A TerraClean fuel system cleaning will clean clogged injectors and restore proper spray patterns. It will also remove water from the fuel system and help prevent rust and corrosion.

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  4. Viezu ECU Remapping

    Viezu ECU Remapping

    Viezu ECU Remapping Learn More
  5. Wheel Alignment

    Wheel Alignment

    4 Wheel Laser alignment, maintaining good handling and fuel economy, and reducing tyre wear. Learn More
  6. Wheel Balancing

    Wheel Balancing

    Wheel balancing, reduce vibrations and increase comfort. Learn More
  7. Puncture Repair

    Puncture Repair

    Puncture repair service Learn More
  8. Tyre and Wheel Fitting

    Tyre and Wheel Fitting

    Have wheels and tyres already? We can fit them for you. Learn More
  9. Arch Rolling Service

    Arch Rolling Service

    Arch Rolling service available Learn More