TerraClean fuel system cleaner

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TerraClean fuel system cleaner

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A TerraClean fuel system cleaning will clean clogged injectors and restore proper spray patterns. It will also remove water from the fuel system and help prevent rust and corrosion.


Over time carbon deposits can form on the back side of intake valves. This is particularly true on newer Direct Injection Engines. This TerraClean Fuel system cleaner effectively cleans intake valves as well as the combustion chamber, piston crowns, piston ring lands and fuel injector tips.

This service will:

  • Restore engine performance
  • Restore mpg
  • Reduce emissions

Important facts about TerraClean fuel system cleaner @ East Coast Alloys:

  • Service takes approximately 1 hour
  • Ideally booked in advance, Contact Us
  • We can service almost any engine (petrol or diesel)
  • We can service almost any vehicle (car, van, bus, motorbike and both inboard and outboard marine engines)
  • Cost may vary depending on vehicle

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