TerraClean decarbonisation

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TerraClean decarbonisation

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A TerraClean de-carbonisation service can increase MPG (up to 15 percent), reduce emissions, extend component life and provide an immediate noticeable improvement in vehicle performance.


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TerraClean engine & exhaust decarbonisation will give your engine a deep cleaning without having to strip it open.

This removes the buildup of carbon from engine valves injectors exhaust resulting in:

  • Restoration of performance
  • Restoration of mpg
  • Reduction in emissions
  • Smoother idelling
  • Extended component life
  • Immediate drive away difference

The TerraClean process is quick, safe to use on petrol and diesel vehicles and carried out by authorised installers.

The patented TerraClean system connects to a vehicle using OEM-specific adapters. When connected, the machine takes over the role of a vehicle’s fuel tank and fuel pump, enabling the removal of carbon, tar and varnishes from a number of internal components including fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, manifolds and oxygen sensors.

Important facts about TerraClean @ East Coast Alloys:

  • Service takes approximately 1 hour
  • Ideally book in advance, Contact Us
  • We can service almost any engine (petrol or diesel)
  • We can service almost any vehicle (car, van, bus, motorbike and both inboard and outboard marine engines)
  • Cost vary depending on engine size

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