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ECU Remaping - FAQ

Frequent customer questions and answers

Chip Tuning and Remapping

Why should I choose Viezu to tune my vehicle? 

Viezu are not just 'another tuning provider'. Viezu is the UK's only ISO certified tuning company, winning several awards for innovation and tuning services. Viezu has worked with some of the largest fleets and industry professionals in the world. Viezu has over 600 dealers around the world, with over 5000 vehicles tuned every month. All tuning is insured and backed up with our money back promise. Viezu's research and development centre in the UK is where thousands of hours has been spent by a team of software specialists to ensure only the best quality service is being supplied at all times. Viezu demonstrates tuning on a state of the art dynamometer, and extensive testing on emissions ensures Viezu meets the latest emissions standards (A legal requirement). 

All of Viezu's tuning is custom developed for the customers requirements, and never an 'off the shelf re used map'. Custom tuning means you the customer achieve what you are looking for from your vehicle, whether it be performance, fuel economy, smooth performance/eco blend or specific tuning for engine upgrades. 

Please choose carefully when having your pride and joy tuned. With Viezu, you can trust you are in safe hands. 

Why don't manufacturers do it?

This is the most common question asked about remapping. It is not a short one word answer, but it is actually quite simple. Manufactures are mass producing engines to sell all over the world to varied climate conditions and fuel qualities, a wide range of vehicle uses and different customer requirements. The manufacturer has to decide on a 'one fits all' ECU program or 'map' to suit best in all types of conditions. Compare it to buying a suit. The 'off the shelf suit' is like the 'one fits all' type ECU MAP. The suit will never meet the exact requirements of the individual customer. A custom tailored suit however, is more like remapping, as it fits the customer to their exact requirements. One vehicle owner may want better performance and specific improvements for motorway driving, while the next is towing heavy weights so needs better torque in the low RPM. Many people just want better economy, or fleets operators may want rev limiting, speed limiting and throttle limiting to protect their vehicles and save fuel. And surprisingly, many manufactures do offer ECU remapping services - any showroom these days will be full of eco-tuned vehicles, often sporting a 'blue' badge just like our BlueOptimize tuning. With our tuning though, you don't need a new vehicle to benefit from economy tuning. In addition, many manufacturers offer power and performance tuning upgrades too, or offer the same engine in a range of vehicles offering different power levels. This enables customers a choice, taking account of tax banding, insurance, performance, price and economy. In most cases though the choice is controlled with software just like our tuning, but with Viezu you don't have to decide what you want from new in the showroom, we can tailor your vehicle to your needs whenever you want. 

Strict emissions standards must be met by the manufacturer when producing engines, which therefore limits them to restricting the engine of it's true potential. De-tuning an engine by as much as 50% of it's capabilities provides really low emissions output. This leaves a huge tolerance in the engine, so when we lift the limitations in place we are releasing the full potential of the engine resulting in better overall performance and fuel efficiency. The emissions output after a Viezu remap will not cause you to fail and NCT or DOE. Viezu's development team are constantly making sure that our remaps meet the latest emissions standards. The emissions standards we must meet in our NCT or DOE is nowhere near as strict as the standards the manufacturers are required to meet when designing the engine.  

Will a remap invalidate my vehicles warranty?

No. A remap or any aftermarket work cannot and will not automatically invalidate a vehicle's warranty. It's a misconception that it will, and sometimes those that know are not always clear about this fact. It's very common for fleet users and companies to fit a speed limiter to their vehicles. Some will use us to do this work, while other drivers may want to fit a tow-bar or upgraded sound system to their vehicle. These are common fitments, but they are aftermarket changes just like a remap - your tow-bar does not invalidate your warranty so why should your remap?

However, manufacturers of course have the right to investigate and possibly reject a warranty claim if the failure is directly related to and caused by the tuning (remember not all tuning is the same quality as Viezu). Therefore, for your total peace of mind, all Viezu tuning work is insured and guaranteed. If our tuning causes a failure inside or outside of the warranty period you are covered. It's exactly why you should chose Viezu for all your tuning work - only Viezu dealers have this depth of cover and your dealer will be happy to show you and talk through the Viezu tuning insurance policy. We say this with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all ECU remapping and vehicle tuning files go through, and we even give a life-time software guarantee too for re-installation.

Should you lose your tuning files due to main dealer actions or parts failure your dealer will be happy to re-install the map on to your car free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle.

Is remapping legal?

Yes, owners are allowed by law to modify their vehicles, but it should be done responsibly and in accordance with local legislation. The EU Directive 2010/48/EU does stipulate that vehicle owners should not modify or alter their vehicle in a way that the emissions are increased. Viezu treats tuning very seriously - in these times of environmental scrutiny we believe the tuning industry should be both responsible and transparent in the work being carried out.

At Viezu, not only do we measure and test our tuning to Euro 6 MOT Emission Standards, we exceed these standards testing for both Nox and Sox too. Our tuning has been independently tested on a number of occasions, and found to have no negative impact on emissions. We have also opened our testing and development work and been inspected by the DoT (Department of Transport). We are proud of our work and the research and development we carry out.

Viezu is able to offer test and measurement services, please CONTACT US to find out more.

Should I tell my insurance about the remap?

Whilst the upgrade in many cases is undetectable, the responsible and correct answer to this question has to be "yes", your insurance company should be notified of any modifications including tuning. However, the good news is many insurance companies do not penalize you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you're tuning for increased fuel economy. Insurance companies in the UK have actually decreased insurance premiums to customers using BlueOptimize. 

Will my fuel economy get worse after tuning?

No, in fact quite the opposite. Even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course if you have a track day motorsport tuning map installed on the car, and you are driving the car under the conditions in which full on motorsport tuning is intended, you're likely to find a slightly reduced MPG figure. In just about all other cases though Viezu tuning will improve your vehicle's fuel economy.

Economy tuning can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel. All Viezu fuel economy tuning has a money back promise - if you are not delighted you don't pay for the tuning.

Custom Viezu ECU Remap or Plug and Play Tuning Box? 

There are hundreds if not thousands of tuning boxes available online on ebay and many other sites, or downloadable generic files from the web. While some of these are better than others, a generic tune is never going to be able to compete with a dyno developed custom remap. Tuning boxes manipulate signals or fool the ECU, and while they can be somewhat effective, we advise avoiding these generics files and cheaply made devices at all cost. We have seen too many customers come to us after a bad experience. A good quality tuning box can provide satisfactory results, but will never compete with a high quality ECU remap. 

€10 Million insurance - Seems quite a lot?

Yes that's right, Viezu is insured not only for public liability, but also for the act of remap file writing and tuning to the value of €10million. "Why such a high value?" Viezu offers tuning solutions to some of the world's largest vehicle fleets, some with over 40,000 vehicles, we also offer support to the world's most reputable tuning and race teams with many hundreds and thousands of pounds invested in any one single vehicle.

Our technical team offer support to over 600 dealers and we supply over 5000 tuning files per month.

As a Viezu customer you can be totally confident that nothing is left to chance, especially our insurance. If you have any queries please feel free to ask for a copy of our insurance and quality policies at any time.

Our Policy


At Viezu, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality remaps to our customers. Viezu internationally remap over 5000 vehicles every month. Hundreds of hours and large investment into research and development ensures our remaps are of the highest standard. 

However, clients of Viezu must understand clearly that a vehicle of higher age, poor service history, excessive mileage or has exceeded the manufacturers warranty will without doubt experience some type of failure to many of it's components in the lifetime of the vehicle. Wear and tear items have an expected lifespan, but some will last either much shorter or longer than this estimated time frame. Some examples of these components are 'Turbo, clutch, flywheel, injectors, diesel particular filter (DPF), Exhaust gas re-circulation valve (EGR) and many more mechanical and electronic components. 

Viezu remaps can not be immediately held responsible for future failures of components such as the above mentioned. If there is a valid case and proven cause of failure by one of our remaps, we have a claims procedure in place in which case an independent assessment will take place. (Please contact to receive 'Insurance request form') 

Vehicles with over 120,000 km recorded on the instrument panel do not qualify for our insurance claims procedure. Vehicles with mileage over this amount are deemed extremely likely to have multiple failures due to weakened components, and can fail at any given time. A failure of any component which happens soon after our remap has been installed is deemed coincidental, or possibly a pre existing fault which has been highlighted by a performance increase on the vehicle. 

All vehicles over the 120,000 km limit do not apply for our insurance claim proceedure. 

Viezu technologies Ireland Ltd. will not be liable for any damages to vehicles over this mileage limit.

Viezu technologies Ireland Ltd. will not be held liable for damages to a vehicle which are not independently assessed and proven to be the direct result of our product or workmanship.